“Don’t worry about your shoes”….. Maybe you should

To remove your shoes or not? We all have friends or family on either side of this home comfort view. It turn may out that removing your shoes protects more then just your carpets.
According to an April 2017 study led by Kevin Garey, ( professor of pharmacy at the University of Houston), we should leave our shoes […]

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Only Have an Hour?

So you have company coming in an hour and the house is a mess! Or maybe you’ve just been putting off those chores and want to get it over with as quickly as possible. How do you clean your house fast? We have some tips!

Start at the Top
No matter what room you’re cleaning, clean […]

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Spring Cleaning with Kids!

It’s that time of the year again… Spring Cleaning!
At Halifax Cleaning, we have dedicated a lot of time into helping you keep your homes clean, but in between our visits there are other little helpers just waiting to clean with you. Not house elves silly, your kids! Getting kids to participate is an easy […]

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Candle to Ornamental Storage

Have left over candle jars from the holidays?
Why not clean them out and use them to help with organisation around your home!
There are many ways to get the wax out, from candle warmers, hot water and this neat tip from Ashley at Peek and Ponder of freezing the jar to loosen the wax.

Once you […]

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Daily Cleaning Tips!

Most people love a clean home! after your you have your home cleaned you can relax, find peace after your day and focus energy on family or hobbies with ease; So how can you keep this feeling in between cleaning’s? A simple, easy to do and remember daily cleaning routine.

Cleaning seems like such a […]

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Spring Renovations: Prep to Make Clean up Easier

Spring is the perfect time to clean out our homes and also the most popular time to do home renovations. Looking forward to the finished product makes some of us jump in to the project and overlook the clean up of our spring renovations. After all of your hard work on the new walls, […]

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Now offering Carpet Cleaning!!

Now offering Carpet Cleaning!!
Moving out or floors just need a deep clean to get spring ready? Call us and add carpet cleaning to your service for the best all around cleaning experience!

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Wonderful Winter Deals

Halifax Cleaning is offering a introduction rate of to new customers of 30% off of our normal price on our residential services!
Cozy up and relax while we clean.
Book online today!. Scroll to the bottom and tell us about your space and cleaning needs!
Or give us a call! 902-482-1497

Have a party coming up and no […]

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Fall Cleaning: Inside Out

A clean home inside can also extend to peaceful space outdoors. Though summer has gone and its getting a bit chilly to sit on our patio in the evening, it is the right time of the season to start prep work for the coming spring with a little fall cleaning. As an outdoor lover […]

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Hello Halifax and Welcome

Hello Halifax,

We are Halifax Cleaning and were very excited to meet you and work with you.

Thank you for popping by our new site!

The site is designed to be easy for you to navigate and find just what you’re looking and easy to contact us for bookings or with any questions. At the bottom of […]

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